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NONA “motherhood journal”

Motherhood is the journey of a lifetime. Memories so pure and intense that they are best kept written by the hand of the mother. This book was designed to capture all those memories, thoughts and milestones. To be used and cherished for the entirety of the journey; from pregnancy until the day your child is old enough to write his or her own memoirs.

The complete bundle, the motherhood journal with all four inserts, is designed to fit all types of mothers. The ones that love to write, draw, paste or “fill-in”. It comes in a bundle, complete with all four inserts. You can add new inserts as the journey continues. The vegetable tanned leather cover will come to life as time passes.

The best gift for mother & baby.

The cover is made of vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tanning is a process that derives directly from nature and – in full circularity – to nature returns.

The journal is available in three beautiful colors (warm camel, softly nude or pale pink). It comes with four (replaceable) inserts (A5 format), all made with eco-friendly paper, delivered to you in an organic cotton dustbag.


– a fill in book; from pregnancy up to the first year (48 pages)
– a notebook (lines, 28 pages)
– a scrapbook (blank pages, 28 pages)
– a checklist; all the baby essentials you need (4 pages)

*Your journal may have some characteristics. We work with the highest quality of natural tanned leather. But just like human skin, animal skin shows some natural markings, from fat wrinkles or insect bites for example.

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